Reggie Miller – Observant

In Game 1 of the 1995 Eastern Conference Semifinals, the Pacers trailed the Knicks by 6 points with only 18.7 seconds left.  Indiana had the ball, but a comeback seemed simply out of the question. Then, Miller drilled a weak-side three off the inbounds pass, and suddenly, New York's lead was cut to three. Still, there were just 16.4 seconds remaining, which meant the Pacers would have to stop the clock with a foul, sending the Knicks to the free throw line.  The Knicks making even one of the free throws would send the game back to a 2-possession game.

Next, something very interesting happened.  Miller managed to pick off Anthony Mason's inbounds pass. He found himself wide open for an easy two with time winding down.  Knowing they needed 3 points to tie, Miller had the presence of mind to jump behind the 3-point line and shoot the game tying shot.  It went in.

At this point, Miller had scored six points in just 5.7 seconds, tied the game and sent Madison Square Garden into a fit of astonishment and tears. And that would have been enough for anyone. But not Miller.

After a few missed shots by the Knicks, a rebound was snagged by none other than Reggie Miller. The Knicks immediately fouled him.

Reggie calmly walked to the other end of the court and sank not one, but two free throws to propel the Pacers to a Game 1 victory. Miller scored 8 points in 8.9 seconds. Reggie Miller saw and seized each opportunity in the last 18 seconds of the game to push his team to victory.


  • Will you be looking for opportunity when things don’t look good?
  • Will you be able to seize the moment when your chance comes?
  • What do you need to do in order to be ready?