Jack and Leo - Others

Jack and Leo were teammates on a state championship football team. Jack was an All-American linebacker. He was one of the most popular guys in school. He was smart and handsome. Jack went on to play at Texas Tech and had a great career. Leo played receiver and was an extremely hard worker. He never started a game, but was voted captain his senior year. 

Twenty years later their graduating class was having a reunion. Jack shows up and is looking for Leo. Finally, 30 minutes later he sees him, they hug, sit down and have a great visit. 

Eventually, Jack tells Leo, "I was always so jealous of you." Leo said, "makes no sense to me. You were All-American, MVP, girls always wanted to hang around you, reporters talked to you, it had to be a great experience." 

Jack said, "Yes all that is true, but the team voted you captain. The one thing I wanted most was to be our team captain. I never could understand it while we were playing together. I finally asked the coach on the last day of school, 'Why did the team pick Leo captain instead of me?" Coach said, "Jack, you are one of the best players I have ever coached. You were definitely one of the best players in the state this year. Leo had nothing on you, except he wanted the TEAM to be the best in the state. Leo would stay late in the weight room. He would stay after practice and work extra with the other receivers.  He would give players a ride home if they needed.  Whatever anyone needed Leo would do. He was all about our core values.”
“You wanted to be the best player on the team. Leo wanted to be the best player for the team.”

  • •    What does it look like to be the best player for the team?
  • •    If you are honest, which are you trying to be, the best player on the team or the best player for the them?