Pursuit - Chasing the Rabbit

Renowned preacher, theology professor and storyteller Fred Craddock swears this happened to him. He was visiting in a home of one of his former students after graduation, and after a great dinner, the young parents excused themselves and hustled the kids off to bed, leaving Fred in the living room with the family pet—a large, sleek greyhound. Earlier in the evening Fred had watched the kids roll on the floor playing with the family dog. “That’s a full-blooded greyhound there,” the father of the kids had told Fred. “He once raced professionally down in Florida. Then we got him. Great dog with the kids, that greyhound.”

Well, sitting there with the greyhound, the dog turned to Fred and asked, “This your first visit to Connecticut?”

“No,” Fred answered. “I went to school up here a long time ago.”

“Well, I guess you heard. I came up here from Miami,” said the greyhound.

“Oh, yeah, you retired?” Fred said.

“No, is that what they told you? No, no, I didn’t retire. I tell you, I spent ten years as a professional, racing greyhound. That means ten years of running around that track day after day, seven days a week with other dogs chasing that rabbit. Well, one day, I got up close; I got a good look at that rabbit. It was a fake! I had spent my whole life chasing a fake rabbit! Hey, I didn’t retire; I quit!”

  • What are you chasing this season?
  • Is it worth your time and energy?
  • What do you think will make you feel fulfilled in your pursuit this year?