Responsible - Drivers and Passengers

A young girl recently turned 15 and turned her attention getting her driver’s license.  Early in her process she received a lecture on “drivers and passengers”.  The lecture went something like this:

“So far, all your life you have been a passenger.  You’ve been able to let your mind wander, change CD’s, radio stations, sing, shout, laugh and get distracted to your hearts content.  Why? Because you’re just along for the ride. Your goal was to make the ride fun.

Things are different now.  It’s not that the ride won’t be fun – it’s just that “fun” isn’t the goal anymore. You are a driver now. The steering wheel is in your hands, and so are the passengers in your car. Both the machine and the people with you are at your mercy.  Because of that, you must act like the owner of the car, not a guest. You must play the part of manager of the store, not just an employee. You must think about not only your own well-being, but that of those riding with you. You are the one responsible for getting to the destination. You are driver now. Being a driver is about responsibility.  It is about ownership.  It is a life lesson some people never learn. When life goes wrong, many people blame others for the problem.”

Leaders must understand that they are not passengers; they are drivers!

  • Which would you rather be… passenger or driver?
  • What consequences might we face as a passenger?
  • Which is more difficult?
  • Which is more rewarding?