Standard - Matt Mauck

In 2003 the LSU football players were having a difficult time with their offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher.  Coach Fisher was a tough coach that liked to push his players hard.  In response the players started to complain and underperform.

During the season quarterback Matt Mauck gathered his teammates for a meeting.  At the close of the meeting Matt stood up and asked his teammates if they were having a hard time with Coach Fisher.  Most answered, “Yes”.  He asked another question, “Is Coach Fisher just as hard on me as he is with everyone else?  Again they answered, “Yes”.   Matt then set forth a challenge to them that would alter the course of their season.  The challenge was this, when coach is hard on me, “watch me and match me.” 

Many believe the National Championship (they would win later that year) was won that day.  It is easy to point the finger when things aren’t going the way you want them to.  It takes a strong person of self-discipline to stand up and make a change in a positive way?

  • Every team has a unique culture.  Who is responsible for setting the standard in that culture?
  • In the story, how important was it that Matt Mauck’s actions matched his words?
  • What is the standard for this team?
  • How will we meet the standard?