To transform the hearts of coaches and athletes to be people of character for others. 


To serve coaches and athletes to build a character culture.  (Encourage , Equip, Engage, Empower)


For the past 13 years Cross Training has been passionately building a character culture across Western New York. Culture is built one heart at a time, thus our credo:  Training the Heart of a Champion from the Inside out. 

We believe and are committed to understanding the key to success lies in the heart of a complete athlete. What that heart believes is the driving force in how someone thinks. This thinking is then demonstrated by how we connect with others and how hard we work. This starts in the heart or the spirit of the athlete.

The Heart of a Champion is one that beats with INTEGRITY and COMPETES WITH CONFIDENCE. That INTEGRITY has 4 parts.

  1. The Spirit of the Athlete:          Heart that Believes

  2. The Smarts of the Athlete:      Heart that Thinks

  3. The Social Athlete:                      Heart that Loves

  4. The Skill of the Athlete:             Heart that Works

Coaching the heart is a process.  It will take a commitment which stems from a love for the sport and a love for your athletes.  We believe that love is the critical component for a successful culture and LOVE NEVER FAILS.

We at CTA would be honored and Privileged to work alongside you to help develop the Heart of a Champion from the inside Out with your program!