Child Pick-up Policy

Children will only be released to adults specified on the child's enrollment form.  The adult must pick-up the child in person, present a valid form of identification and sign out the child EACH session. 

Progressive Disciplinary Policies

  1. The safety and well-being of each child in our care is our number one priority. When behavior expectations are not met, CTF staff or ASAP staff will be implement our progressive discipline policy to help correct the undesired behavior. Listed below are the steps utilized by our staff:
  2. Verbal warning given: explain why behavior is inappropriate.
  3. Timeout-time to refocus and redirect.
  4. Verbal communication between parent and Site Coordinator.
  5. Parent conference followed by a written contract. The written contract must be signed by child and parent agreed to acceptable behavior and I'll talk turn it in solution. The sign contract must be submitted prior to the child's return to the program.
  6. If inappropriate behavior continues, the child may be dismissed from the ASAP program.

Extreme Behavior Issues

Extreme cases, a child's behavior may warrant immediate suspension or expulsion from the program. Such cases include the use of profane or abusive language or any aggressive behavior which threatens or causes physical harm to the other participants or staff.

Refund Policy

No refund will be granted once a payment has been received.