Game Rules

1st Downs
•    Offense starts at the 40
•    Gains a new set of downs after crossing the 20

Offensive QB Run 
•    QB may run once every 4 downs (includes a scramble)
•    PAT is a new set of downs and run may be used

Defensive Blitz 
•    Defense may send 1 blitzer once every 4 downs (blitzer must start 5 yds behind LOS)
•    PAT is a new set of downs and blitz may be used

4th Down (Punting)
•    Punt – opposing team gains possession at the 40 (must punt outside 30)

Failed 4th Down Conversions
•    Inside the 30 – opposing team gains possession at the line of scrimmage
•    Inside the 20 – opposing team possession at the 40

•    Not releasing the ball in 4.0 sec results in a 5 yd loss and loss of down

•    Start at the 20 and get 4 downs to score. You must go for two if you score.

•    Offense receives 6 points for a touchdown
•    P.A.T. Offense receives 1 point after a score or may attempt a 2 point try from the 5
•    A Defense interception returned back to the 40 is a touchdown results in a TD

•    *No blocking
•    No contact – Cannot run through a man to play the ball
•    No Chucking allowed
•    You can rake the arm(s)

Offensive (Loss of down and 5 yards from the line of scrimmage)
•    Pass interference
•    Illegal Run
•    Offsides (exception - no loss of down) 
•    Blocking (exception - spot foul)

Defense (This is an automatic first down from the spot.  If in end zone the ball is place on the 1 yard line.)
•    Pass interference
•    Chucking
•    Illegal Blitz (spot of infraction is 5 yds off LOS)

Unsportsman like conduct

  •     Unnecessary Roughness (Game ejection and possible the next)
  •     2nd unnecessary roughness results in being eliminated from the tournament
  •     Foul language (Game ejection and possible the next)
  •     No Mouth Piece (Off. Penalty loss down and 5 yards / Def. penalty Automatic first down)