Character Playbook

Before you can access the Playbook, 
You must first purchase and obtain a password.

What is the Character Playbook?


This 9 week curriculum provides a strategy to target specific character qualities throughout your season. It’s an outstanding resource that will:

  1. Fit into your schedule and be easy to execute
  2. Enable you to  communicate internal qualities that affect performance
  3. Transform the lives of you and your athletes

The Playbook comes complete with:

  • Team Talk, Timeout story  
  • Evaluations for Player, Team, and Coach 
  • Dinner Discussion emailed to coach weekly to send to parents. 
  • Certificates, Poster, Mini Posters, Wristbands, Team poster with your logo!
  • We will encourage the coaches with practical tips and insights throughout the year. 
  • Free App. For all athletes. Athletes will receive the weekly talk on their smart phones.

CTA’s Vision is to see every young person and coach become a person of character for others. 

Join the movement – last year over 70 programs across WNY participated.