Dented Fender

An unnamed player got drafted in the first round and landed a huge contract. As a gift to himself for all his hard work, he purchased the car he had always dreamed about. He spared no expense and got everything perfect. On the drive home from the dealership, he was thinking about how all his hard work and dedication were now paying off. 

Suddenly, he heard a thud as he watched a brick ricochet off the fender of his new car. He pulled his car over and jumped out to find a little boy standing there. Filled with rage, he asked the boy, “Did you throw a brick at my car?” The boy responded, “Yes” and proceeded to point to another little boy lying on the ground next to a wheel chair. “That’s my brother over there. I was pushing him and he fell. I think he is hurt and I don’t know what to do. I have been trying to flag someone down, but no one would stop. So I thought a brick might get someone’s attention.”

The man picked up the injured boy and took him and his brother to the hospital.

After that day, the man decided not to fix his car and leave the dent. It served as a reminder to him that no matter what he would ever accomplish in life, he should always take the time to stop. People are what matter most.

What will be your highest priority this season? (Team record or standings, playing time, recognition, your teammates)

How will you show it?

What will be your dent? (A physical reminder)