State of Opportunity

In ancient Greece, statues were everywhere. It was once said that in Athens, there are more statues than people. One statue was particularly unusual; it was called Kairos, the Statue of Opportunity. It was a naked man with long flowing hair in the front and bald in the back. He had large wings and as they flapped, it pushed his hair forward. He was also moving on a smooth rolling rock

Lessons from the statue:

  • The statue’s hair flowed forward and was bald and naked from behind. Once the statue passed you there was nothing to grab on to. Opportunities are much the same, you can only lay hold of them as they come at you.
  • The lack of clothing represents a purity that allows us to dress opportunities as we want. We can view them as ugly and difficult or beautiful and superb.
  • The rolling stone depicts the swift, steady pace of opportunity that slows for no one. It continues on until another takes hold of it. Recognize others will grab our missed opportunities.

Name some opportunities we have or will see this season?

What has or will cause us to miss some of these opportunities?

Name some opportunities you have or are dressing as ugly?

What can we do to make sure we grab all the opportunities we can?