Cross Training Athletics

Training the Heart of a Champion From the Inside Out

6 - Overcome

Definition -Conquering the obstacles which hinder your success through faith

Why do I need to overcome?

Victory over failures and adversity is necessary to be successful

Go To Statement: Just .... Believe


  1. All things are possible to those who believe
  2. Do all things without murmuring and complaining
  3. Forget what is behind, move forward…..



Too Difficult
Good Enough

Values Define Me
It Matters
Just Believe
Aim Higher

“Show me someone who has done something worthwhile and I will show you someone who has overcome adversity.”
— Lou Holtz


  1. Love always hopes in all circumstances
  2. Love casts out fear
  3. Motivate others


  1. Be strong and courageous and just do it
  2. Refusal to quit
  3. I purpose in my heart to live/compete from my core values

CHALLENGE QUESTION: If "0" is WHATEVER and "10" is OVERCOME ... Where are you?

ACTION STATEMENT: I Will Continue To Move Forward