Capturing the Heart Coaching Words - “ROCK SOLID” 

Coaches, it’s not if your athlete will make mistakes but when. How you respond will determine whether you are capturing and developing the heart of a champion or not. Your athlete’s responses hinge on every word you speak. Your words have the power of life, death, inspiration, or desperation. This toolbox of words will help you to coach connect, correct, and praise your athlete to another level.

Remember athletics does not build character. Coaches do!

R ..... Respect Honor Everyone, Value Others, Be Kind, Considerate
O ..... Opportunity Seize the Movement, Be Ready, Think Quick, Move Quick  
C ..... Communication Speak Life, Be Loud and Clear, Listen
K ..... Knowledge Think Quick .... Move Quick, Understand It, Be Awake

S ..... Self-Discipline Eyes on the Prize, Under Control, Mentally Tough, Stay Focused
O ..... Overcome Just Believe, We Can Do It, Aim Higher, Move Forward
L ..... Love Cover Others, Be Patient, Sacrifice for the Team, Thinks the Best
I ..... Integrity Do What’s Right, Complete Confidence, Honest Effort
D ..... Determination I Will Finish, Break Through, Battle to the End

Complete Teams Are .... “ROCK SOLID