Dear Coach,

Cross Training Athletics (CTA) is excited to serve, encourage and train you in the area of character development. The famous Vince Lombardi said, “It is essential to understand that battles are primarily won in the hearts of men”. We believe character is seated in the heart. It is the inside substance that produces outside actions. Good character simply stated is, “Know what’s right, do what’s right.” John Wooden said, “Your reputation is who people say you are, and your character is who you really are.”

CTA has created a simple tool for you to train and capture the heart of your athlete, The Heart of a Champion Character Playbook. This year’s emphasis is the “ROCK SOLID.” The playbook is formulated around training the total athlete. We believe the athlete is made up of the following four unique yet inter-twined parts: the body, the mind, the social aspect and the spirit. These four parts we call The Final 4. When you Believe (Spirit), Think (Mind), Love (Social) and Work (Physical) with all your heart, all components of the individual are employed.

What a person believes defines how they think. What they think directly reflects in their ability to function and relate to or love others. Ultimately all their belief and thought processes are demonstrated in their actions and work ethic.

This character playbook will assist you to encourage your athletes as they strive for excellence not only on the field but off the field as well. The Character Playbook provides a plan to implement a Character Word-of-the-Week into each practice.

As a former head varsity coach in four sports, I realize now this was the missing piece. Coaching the character aspect of your athletes will elevate you to become the complete coach and enable you to give your athletes substance for life’s challenges.

Coaching character is a process. It will take a commitment which stems from a love for the sport and a love for your athletes. We believe that love is the critical component to a successful season and LOVE NEVER FAILS. Have a great season as you see your athletes develop the Heart of a Champion.


Michael Masters
Coach and Director of CTA