New This Year

We have retooled our Playbook with a simple “Go To” Statement for you to use as you incorporate character into your program.

"Go To" Statement

The Go To Statement is on the Mini Poster and near the top of every talk. The Go To Statement has two purposes. The first is attentiveness training. This is a simple thing you can do throughout practice that will check you team’s mental focus. You say the first half of the Go To Statement and the team should respond immediately with the second half. Example you say Seize …. They say the Moment. The second purpose is Self-Talk. All athletes have self-talk going on inside them. The key thing to remember is that as an athlete thinks in the heart so they are. So when adversity hits them or the team what is the self-talk. Your Go To Statement is a simple phrase to bring ones thinking to a positive mindset. Your words are powerful and they have the power to bring death or life to your team. One of my Go To Statements for Life during an argument is be swift to hear, slow to speak and slow to get angry. Coaches this has defused my arguments and helps build relationships. This is simple way to intentionally coach character while not taking any time off your practice schedule. The Go To Statement is a powerful tool.

Action Step:
The Action Step is an easy way to teach your athletes how to treat people with respect and speak powerful words of life over each other. At the end of every talk we have an Action Step phrase or two. When the talk is over direct your athletes to stand to their feet go to a teammate and say the Action Step statement to their teammate. Make sure they look them in the eye when they speak and shake their hand, high five, or some appropriate physical contact. If done right this is a powerful tool for inspiration, respect, and team chemistry. Eye, Physical and Inspirational contact are the three elements of demonstrating respect to someone.

Character that will change your team:
Coaches John Wooden said the greatest ally of any leader is His or Her Example. Coaches when it comes to character live it (be the best example you can be), speak it (do the talks) and reward it (give out the certificates). This is the first step to changing the heart of your athlete.