Team Evaluation

1 Poor   Unsatisfactory, inferior in quality or value, never demonstrated
2 Lacking  To be wanting or missing, deficient in, rarely demonstrated
3 Average  Ordinary, status quo, common, sometimes demonstrated
4 Good   Satisfactory, adequate, admired, demonstrated often
5 Excellent  Superior, unsurpassed, exceptional, demonstrated very often

Measure the character of your team by adding up the scores for all the qualities

___   Respect - Valuing others through your actions and words   
___   Opportunity - Ready to seize the moment and move                 
___   Communication - Speech and actions inspire
___   Knowledgeable -Knowing and doing what is expected of me

___   Self-Discipline - Mentally and physcially under control   
___   Overcome - Always competes with hope
___   Love - Sacrificing oneself for the benefit of the team  
___   Integrity - Complete Athletes who bounces back
___   Determination - Finishing regardless of circumstance
___   Rock Solid - Mentally tough, united, immovable

Add up score for
 ___   Heart of a Champion Score     

1-13   Poor    14-26   Lacking    27-35   Average    36-43   Good    44-50   Excellent

Week  ____________      Date  ___________