The girls played very well...didn’t get flustered when we made mistakes (and there were many lol), communicated really well together…and most important of all they were super excited and I saw them really BELIEVE that we are going to have a successful season. What a difference from just a few years ago... a wise man told me at the start of my first varsity season to give it 3 years ....and here we are...just as you said things have started to turn around :) Thanks for the great advice!
— Nina Calarco, Varisty Softball Coach, Lewport H.S.
Saturday was the first time since playing the Buffalo publics, that I left the game feeling that it was a great game, that did not end with nonsense, trash talking, or any other lack of sportsmanship from either team (including us). I must tell you it was your piece at the end that brings some humanity back to the game after the final whistle has been blown!!!!
— Scott Zipp, Cheektowaga H.S.
Finish Strong” really made a difference in our team chemistry and the amount of spirited fight we mustered on the court. We also really enjoyed each other and the guys appeared to be “all in” this season…we took off and won 5 of our last 7 games. I feel like the H.O.C. curriculum allows us to tap into and unleash inner strength and potential like no other method I have tried. Thanks for your efforts and making it possible to breathe life into the hearts of our athletes!
— Bob Rumschik, Varsity Basketball Coach, Orchard Park H.S.
Unbelievable camp this past two days. All four boys from Franklinville loved it. They said they learned more about their positions in two days than they did in all the years playing in Franklinville. Pretty amazing and we’re proud Pete Kopp brought home a trophy. I truly hope that the coaches in Franklinville get behind the kids who are motivated to participate. As a parent though, I certainly don’t have a problem paying for the camp or the hotel room a few of us stayed in. All of it was so worthwhile.

Great messages about leadership, quality of living, decency, and sportsmanship too. As a Dad, I enjoyed being there and I am very grateful to you for providing such a quality camp.
— Franklinville Parent
Last year, Vince … came to our school and talked to us about the Final Four. Our team greatly benefited from this, even though our record didn’t show it- but if there is one thing I learned, your record doesn’t really matter. What truly matters is the relationship you create and the character you build with your team and yourself… This season is going to really test our leaders integrity, but more importantly we must stand true to what you and the other coaches at CTF have preached to us. I am confident that I will try my hardest to become the complete player, but I also know that actions speak louder than words.
— Codi McKee, Football Player, Barker H.S.
First of all, thank you so much for speaking to our boys for the past few weeks. Call me crazy, but I think I can see a difference in our boys demeanor as a direct result of your talks. Thank you for helping to make them better men.
— Ken Partell, J.V. Football Coach, Alden H.S.
Thanks Coach Masters!! I believe that you have helped me just as much as you have helped our players!!
— Jeff Buccieri, Varsity Football Coach, Maryvale H.S.