LOVE:  .... Character that develops connecting and   sacrificing for others!  


  • Believe Statement - See obstacles as opportunities and be strong and courageous.

TRAINING: Read the connecting principles that link us together.

  1. Love protects.
  2. Love defends the helpless.
  3. Perfect love diminishes or casts out fear.   

WORKOUT: Athletes connect with teammates by demonstrating value to one another with “Connect 3:” 

  1. Physical Contact (hand shake/fist bump, etc.)
  2. Eye Contact
  3. Inspirational Contact (Share an encouraging word with your teammate) 
  •  Athlete No.1 Initiates:  
    • Go to a teammate, use the Connect 3 and say, 
    • "I will defend you and the team.
    • I believe in you and the team
  •  Athlete No.2 Responds: 
    • “ I will defend you and the team.
    • I will have courage to answer the call.