Read the short story and award the Character Certificate for the week.

Attitude Played a Major Role

In 2015, Western New York’s, Casey Kacz traveled down to Columbus, Georgia in hopes of winning a roster spot on the Columbus Lions of the PIFL (Professional Indoor Football League). Kacz would be competing with the former League MVP and one other talented athlete for two roster spots. Little did Kacz know the coaches made plans to cut him before they even started camp and discouraged him from even coming to try out!  Kacz ignored the discouragement stayed positive and went to camp making the most of the little opportunity he was given. His attitude paid off because Kacz managed to convince the coaches to keep him on the team as their second QB. 

Kacz’s big break came in the second game when the starting QB got injured.  Listen to following excerpts taken from the Ledger Enquirer. Kacz torched the Trenton defense, tying a Lions singlegame record with eight touchdown passes and setting a franchise record for passing yardage in a game with 350 yards. Kacz led Columbus to a key 70-60 road win over the Freedom and was named the PIFL’s Offensive Player of the Week for his efforts.

“They say opportunity presents itself to those who work hard. Going into camp, I just wanted to work as hard as I could to make the team. The opportunity presented itself, and luckily, I was mentally prepared for it.”

Coach Jason Gibson wasted no time in naming Kacz the starter the rest of the season. The 25-year-old Kacz finished the season with 2,361 passing yards, 52 passing touchdowns and five rushing scores in leading the Lions to the PIFL championship. He was also named the league’s Offensive Rookie of the Year. 

“This time last year, I was fighting for my life,” Kacz said. “I had the attitude that I’d do anything to make the team. Now I’m trying to elevate my game to a new level, to be more efficient as a passer and to be more efficient as an offense. My goal is that our defense struggles, our offense can pick them up every game.

WORKOUT: Have the team answer the following questions:

  •  Describe Casy Kazc’s attitude.
  • How did his attitude affect his career?
  • How easily is this team’s attitude affected by circumstances? 

Athlete of the Week: Coach summarizes his choice for the award.

  • Introduction: Each athlete is in the process of building their character story. The character athlete for this week is ___________________________.

CLOSE: Team Leader concludes practice by leading the Final Four as their teammates echo it back as yesterday.