WORK: .... Character that develops the grit to finish,   regardless of circumstance! 


  • Believe Statement:  Let your words be helpful and good - bringing encouragement to others

TRAINING: Read the work principles that make us stronger.

  1. Speak inspiration and reduce conflict.
  2. My words bring Hope, Trust and Courage to my teammates.
  3. My body language communicates confidence and assurance 

WORKOUT: Instruct your athletes to choose one point from Training Section and make a conscious effort to perform it at least 3 times during practice.   

  •  Coach - Reads Training Sections 1-3 again.

CLOSE: Captain concludes practice by leading the Final Four as their teammates echo it back.

  •  “THE FINAL FOUR: BELIEVE, THINK, LOVE, AND WORK with all your heart! This will make us complete and complete teams will be COURAGEOUS.”