Encourage - Day 5


Read the short story and award the Character Certificate for the week.

Taken from Uncommon Life Daily Devotional, April 3rd

Jim Caldwell, who coached … in Tampa Bay and Indianapolis and then succeeded [Tony Dungy] as head coach of the Colts …., began writing cards to his daughter Natalie when she left home to attend college. She was several states away, and their schedules—his as a football coach and hers as a basketball player—made times together and even phone calls very sporadic. So every time Natalie needed money, Jim not only sent a check, he also enclosed a note of encouragement and affirmation. “I wasn’t sure how much mail she received,” he said. He didn’t think he had much to say that was particularly profound, or even that she was hoping for notes from him. He just wanted to encourage her. When Jim was finally able to visit her apartment, he saw all of his cards taped to the living room wall at eye level—every one of them. “All of a sudden, I realized I hadn’t written her nearly enough,” he said. And he realized how much a father’s words can mean to his child. 

Encouragement is powerful. It has the potential to change people’s attitudes, which can change how they react to situations, which can change the course of their days, their weeks, or even their years. There are plenty of forces in the world that discourage us, but not many people go out of their way to be encouraging. Be one of them.

WORKOUT: Have the team answer the following questions:

  • Evaluation - How encouraging or discouraging are we?
  • Brain Strom – What are ways we can “go out of our way” to be more encouraging?
  • Outcome – What will be the effect?

Athlete of the Week: Coach summarizes his choice for the award.

  • Introduction: Each athlete is in the process of building their character story. The character athlete for this week is ___________________________.

CLOSE: Team Leader concludes practice by leading the Final Four as their teammates echo it back as yesterday.