ONWARD - Day 3

LOVE: .... Character that develops connecting and   sacrificing for others!  


  • Believe Statement - Forget the past, reach forward to what’s ahead - the prize

TRAINING: Read the connecting principles that link us together.

  1. Perfect love does not fear nor doubt
  2. Love is patient and perseveres
  3. Faith working itself out through love   

WORKOUTAthletes connect with teammates by demonstrating value to one another with “Connect 3:” 

  1. Physical Contact (hand shake/fist bump, etc.)
  2. Eye Contact
  3. Inspirational Contact (Share an encouraging word with your teammate) 
  •  Athlete No.1 Initiates:  
    • Go to a teammate, use the Connect 3 and say, 
    • "Forget the past reaching forward together.
  •  Athlete No.2 Responds: 
    • “ Forget the past reaching forward together."