Cross Training Athletics

Training the Heart of a Champion From the Inside Out

ONWARD - Day 4

WORK: .... Character that develops the grit to finish,   regardless of circumstance! 


  • Believe Statement:  Forget the past, reach forward to what’s ahead - the prize

TRAINING: Read the work principles that make us stronger.

  1. Competing through fatigue and adversity.
  2. Competes from faith, steps up and makes plays.
  3. Has a heart of humility in triumph and is gracious in defeat.   

WORKOUT: Instruct your athletes to choose one point from Training Section and make a conscious effort to perform it at least 3 times during practice.   

  •  Coach - Reads Training Sections 1-3 again.

CLOSE: Captain concludes practice by leading the Final Four as their teammates echo it back.

  •  “THE FINAL FOUR: BELIEVE, THINK, LOVE, AND WORK with all your heart! This will make us complete and complete teams will be COURAGEOUS.”