Week 1 -Character Workout

Character  - To scratch and engrave the attributes and features that make up an individual

  1. Believe: Did I GO through or GROW through today? It takes Faith to GROW!
  2. Think: Was my self-talk positive? Did I use the Go-To Statement? (Rock Solid and this weeks)
  3. Love: Did I connect and sacrifice for a teammate?
  4. Work: Did I embrace the Pain of Discipline today or will I suffer the Pain of Regret tomorrow? 


Week 2 -Respect Workout

Respect- Encouraging and valuing others through my words and actions.

  1. Believe: Value Team above Myself
  2. Think: Respect Everyone…Fear No one
  3. Love: Find your 68 (Something bigger than yourself to play for)
  4. Work: Be Coachable

Week 3 - Opportunity Workout

Opportunity - A set of circumstances that create the possibility to do something great.

  1. Believe:  All things are possible for those who believe
  2. Think:  Seize ....the Moment
  3. Love:  Create opportunities for others
  4. Work:  Look for opportunities and move through them

Team Final 4's